Time is the greatest gift when it comes to long-term planning.

Time is always on your side when it comes to long-term planning. But if you have gaps in your plan or you’re not maximizing every opportunity, time can also multiply the effect of bad decisions or poor advice.

We’ll demonstrate how our approach finds the gaps, closes them and makes your money work harder. The results?

Yours is a one-of-a-kind plan that leaves no stone unturned. You can go to work and live your life knowing where your money goes and why.


Life will always be about juggling a lot of priorities. Getting it right every month can be a big challenge if you don’t have a clear focus and a written financial plan. Our approach shows you exactly where to put every dollar.


Our approach to financial planning doesn’t rely solely on the ups and downs of the market. That’s how we help you  progress toward your goals under any economic conditions. We’ll show you how.


Time is greatest gift that money can buy. When you’re on solid financial ground, you have time for all of the things that matter to you.


When you take a look at what we do and how we can help, we hope that you’ll see the benefit of giving us a little bit of your time today. You can book a phone call online, call us at 416-909-0548 or send an email to me at david@dcwealth.ca

Why Switch?

Something brought you to this site. Maybe your current plan is not working the way you want. Or maybe you’re not satisfied with the service you receive from your current advisor? Perhaps there is a lack of imaginative ideas being presented to you? Maybe there’s something that your current plan or advisor can’t offer?


Many of our clients switched to David Cooke Wealth Counsellors because they wanted the time and attention they deserved. They like the idea of having someone on their side who answers the phone, presents new ideas and works hard to keep their financial plans working and up to date.


Whatever brought you here, let’s talk. In 20 minutes, you’ll know if it’s time to engage with us. 

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