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Your life is an economy

Financial decisions, advice, and the plan you build determines if your economy booms or busts.

Who we are
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Power your economy

We provide next level financial planning for business owners, professionals and their families. We power all the parts of your economy and provide advice that ensures you make smarter financial decisions that build stability and wealth.


Our approach:

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We provide big-picture thinking that considers all the parts of your economy.

  • What are your goals?

  • Where are the opportunities?

  • How can we build on your success?


Our next-level planning brings together the right expertise and tools. We focus on:

  • Building and protecting assets

  • Minimizing taxes

  • Planning for wealth transfer and business succession

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We turn strategies into action to ensure your economy thrives by:

  • Putting the plan in motion

  • Taking care of all the details

  • Continually monitoring and adjusting the plan as needed

Our Approach

Our wealth advisory team

David Cooke Wealth Counsellors was founded in 2001 with the belief that clients and their families can achieve the greatest financial outcomes through a combination of objective advice and measurable results.

David Cooke

Principal, David Cooke Wealth Counsellors

David is the primary advisor and daily contact responsible for building and refining our clients’ own economic models, helping them respond to changing situations, and making proactive recommendations on how to improve financial performance.

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“David is more than an advisor. He’s a partner who is always here to advise my family and my company. We trust his guidance and unbeatable personal attention. His team is a great resource to have on your side.”

Chris Madden

President, Tamarack North Ltd.

Mark Irwin, CFA

Portfolio Manager, DaVinci Capital Partners Inc. and Strategic Advisor to David Cooke Wealth Counsellors

Mark is founder and registered portfolio manager with DaVinci Capital Partners Inc., and serves as  the exclusive investment portfolio manager for David Cooke Wealth Counsellors. Mark provides discretionary portfolio management across a wide range of investment classes in order to provide additional layers of diversification and better manage risk; an approach shared by institutional investors and pension funds.  Our clients have come to value Mark’s expertise and sound diligence.

*David Cooke Wealth Counsellors offers the services of Mark Irwin and DaVinci Capital Partners Inc. to clients as part of a retained referral agreement.

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Our team
For lawyers
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Exclusive services for lawyers

David Cooke Wealth Counsellors specializes in planning and strategies for legal professionals. This includes insurance planning, wealth management, and targeted tax planning strategies for lawyers with funded professional corporations. For growing firms we offer employee benefit and retirement plans.

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“David helped us create a personalized health benefit plan for our firm. Knowing that everyone is protected gives me great peace of mind and it’s one less thing for me to worry about.”


Siona V. Sullivan, Sullivan Injury Law

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