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Big-picture planning

Our planning process brings all the parts of your economy together. Seeing your entire financial picture on one page gives you the power to compare alternative approaches and calculate the relative advantage of one choice over another. 

The combination of these activities results in:


  • Opportunities for enhanced wealth and retirement income

  • Superior results without additional investment risk or volatility

  • Lifetime protection of income and assets

We connect the parts of your economy and bring them together in one view.

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“We’ve been dealing with David and his partners for years. They consistently come to the table with ideas, the right expertise, new perspectives and a positive attitude.”

Alan Redfern, President, PSG Canada Inc.

What goes into a plan

An economy of any size needs to be protected from risk, unforeseen events, and catastrophic losses while it continues to grow. That’s why we recommend a combination of insurance and investment solutions as the foundation of a lifetime financial plan.

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Insurance is the bedrock of a financial plan because it protects income and assets, the two things you need to generate substantial wealth. Permanent life insurance, in addition to its many guarantees and benefits, also provides unique retirement income opportunities, especially for business owners.


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We manage capital using the same proven techniques used by high-net-worth families, pension funds and institutional investors. That means looking for opportunities within a broad spectrum of investments, including public markets, real estate and other asset classes.

As an independent firm, we’re able to offer the ideal combination of protection and investment growth because your long-term success is our priority.

Discretionary wealth management

Discretionary portfolio management gives you access to assets and investment strategies not typically available to the public. Ideal for large portfolios, this approach provides:


  • Diversification for large portfolios that includes a broader range of traditional and alternative investments

  • Stable returns with lower volatility than traditional brokerage or fund accounts

  • The daily guidance of a licensed portfolio manager


We also offer savings and investment programs from leading national providers, including insured investment funds, annuities and savings programs for children.

Advisor works late on client portfolio

“I prefer to have experts navigate the investment landscape and manage any risk to my family’s savings. The oversight David and Mark provide leaves me free to enjoy my family and focus on my business.”

Steve Mills

Air Solutions Inc.

What goes into a plan

Specialized services

As your personal economy grows, so does the expertise you and your business need. Over 20 years, we’ve partnered with a network of specialists and providers to assist our clients with:

Specialized services
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Retirement income  forecasting

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Executive-owner pension planning

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Wills, estate and business succession planning

Tax planning

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Icon of a bank

Banking and mortgages

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Commercial and personal, liability and property insurance

Fee structure
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The economics of advice: fee structure

Much of our revenue comes in the form of commissions paid directly by insurance companies and other providers. In the case of managed investment accounts, we’re paid a percentage of assets under management.

When you engage with our firm, you will have a complete overview of fees and fee structures.

You decide what’s best for you:

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Year-round management

We create and implement your plan, taking care of every detail and recommending adjustments as needed.


Fees are a combination of commissions paid directly by insurance providers and competitive annual rates for discretionary investment management.

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One-time or annual planning

We create your plan and recommend the types of insurance and investment products you need. A one-time or annual fee is negotiated up front.


Ongoing expenses are charged by the financial providers you choose to execute your plan.

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